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Nothing's impossible...

It wouldn't be an issue to set up beautiful wedding ceremonies anywhere else in Italy: Rome's ancient majesty would make for an exciting setting; every enchanting hill in Tuscany is rich with art and unique wine vintages; Venice would be so romantic, and again the magical lake area, or the breathtaking sights off Amalfi's coast.
Loveinportofino decided to paddle against the tide, however, by working at wedding locations in Liguria exclusively. In the long run, it proved to be a winning strategy.
By living and working in this beautiful land, by knowing the best wedding locations in Liguria and the professionals who work there, we can quickly handle any issue that may crop up unexpectedly.
I often tell this curious anecdote: there was a thunderstorm years ago that wrecked the coastlines in a matter of minutes, including some locations scheduled for wedding ceremonies in just a few days. Being acquainted with local professionals, officers and administrators, however, it took us only a short while to move everything to equally fascinating locations along the coastline.
Thus, the newlyweds had their dream wedding not a day behind schedule.

Wedding Day in Santa Margherita

Known by the locals just as "Santa", it's no suprise why Santa Margherita Ligure is nicknamed the Pearl of Tigullio Bay: its colors do indeed remind one of a pearl's royal elegance.

Wedding in Portofino

The fisherman's town and its pastel-colored houses find a home in anyone's heart, echoing the words of the famous song "I found my Love in Portofino" that Master Boccelli sang here just a few years ago during a night-time concert.

Sestri Levante, Bonassola, Genova, the Ponente Coast and so much more.

There are plenty of magical venues for your wedding in Liguria. From the furthest east (Levante) to the western border with France; from the rocky shores lined with steep cliffs and coves, to the sweet slopes of the hills. Here at Loveinportofino we have the ideal venue for your Ligurian-themed dream wedding.

5 Terre

These old fishermen's towns offer a unique mix of colours and scents, due to their colourful houses and the vineyards clinging to the steep terracing. Picking the 5 Terre for your destination wedding is a surefire way to genuine emotions and memories the newlyweds and their guests will hold in their hearts forever...

Wedding in Rapallo

The city center of Rapallo makes for a very nice sight with its narrow alleys that lead to a gorgeous promenade punctuated by dozens of towering palm trees.

Wedding Day in Camogli

The town of a thousand white sails is simply enchanting: on this uniquely Ligurian backdrop, your wedding day in Camogli will never be forgotten by you and your guests both!

Wedding in Zoagli

A promenade carved out of the cliffs that gifts sights worthy of a postcard: this is Zoagli. Canevaro Castle is the location for your wedding in Zoagli: overhanging on the cliffside, it holds incredible charm and offers a sight that can melt the coldest heart. For a more intimate wedding in Zoagli, the small town offers a secret location we'll be happy to show you.