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About me

My name's Virginia. My grandfather was born and bred in Portofino, and the town is a core piece of myself.
Myself, I was born and grew up in Santa Margherita Ligure, literally a short walk away from Portofino; now I work there and see clients by appointment only. 
Indeed, I'm proud to say I'm the only true Portofino Wedding Planner from Portofino itself.
As a Portofino Wedding Planner, loving this land and my intimate knowledge of it and of its people is an invaluable help in my line of work.
While for most of my early life I had another job, I always helped my mother - herself a renowned Portofino wedding planner - organizing both marriages and events. Then, a few years ago, I decided to take up this beautiful challenge myself and start gifting dreams full time!
From there, I created my "LoveInPortofino", a one-of-a-kind workshop of dreams!