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Love in Portofino

"A dream which has not been interpreted is like a letter unread" - from the Talmud

There aren't words to better summarize what Loveinportofino is all about. Every wedding couple wishes to have the perfect Wedding in Portofino; Loveinportofino is the Event & Wedding Planning company in Portofino to make that dream come true. The manager, Virginia, listens closely to what the newlyweds really want and then fulfills those wishes down to the tiniest details: the many breathtaking locations all around Liguria become the backdrop of masterfully-planned events and weddings. Choose Loveinportofino for a magical wedding in Portofino and a wedding day that you'll never forget, straight out of your dreams.

"Yes, I do!"

Marriage is a dream that begins during childhood: we imagine a day that by all means will be unforgettable, sensational, and awesome. Luckily, this is the digital age where all wishes can be fulfilled: from the season to the venue, you can pick it all.

We'll Take Care of Everything


Not Only Wedding & Events

When you love a place so strongly - and I challenge anyone not to love Liguria, where the land and the sea merge into one another - it's only natural to give all of yourself to promote your home and the local excellencies. The people who are our future deserve dreams to pursue, after all.

Dream Venues

Can you imagine a wonderfully romantic location, the perfect place to utter that fateful yes? A place for a whirlwind elopement? It exists, and it's in Italy. From 5 Terre to Sanremo in the far west, Liguria offers many such locations, but none is more breath-taking than the Tigullio Gulf, with the "Pearl" Santa Margherita Ligure and the crown jewel of the Mediterranean Sea, Portofino.

They say about us

For a Wedding & Event Planner, seeing the satisfaction in the newlyweds' eyes and hearing their thanks is the greatest satisfaction. However, it's also an unparalleled emotion to read the recognition on international headlines. Here are some articles about my work and my staff's.