Wedding in Portofino - Wedding in Liguria, Italy
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Being a wedding planner in Portofino to me means I can make dreams come true in this gorgeous corner of the world.
In the gallery you may see pictures of newlyweds who wanted me as their wedding planner in Portofino: theirs was the love and enthusiasm, while I turned their wishes into a ceremony out of a fairy tale.
This formula made the newlyweds the protagonist of their exciting story for a memorable day.

I found my Love in Portofino

The old fishermen's burg of Portofino is the ideal destination for a wedding rich in colors and scents.

Romantic Destination Wedding in Portofino

Countless couples journey across the world for a destination wedding in Portofino. Indeed, a destination wedding in Portofino is getting more and more popular with couples from all around the world.

My wedding day in Portofino at Easter

The bewitching colors of Portofino were a perfect backdrop to a fairy tale wedding that took place in the St. George Church at Easter.

Young and Older Bridesmaids

No memorable wedding in Portofino can exist without the bridesmaids!

Elopement in Portofino

Despite literally meaning "to flee to marry without the parents' permission", today an elopement also consists of a carefully-planned, intimate ceremony in a romantic location. More and more couples pick an elopement wedding for various reasons.

A Scottish Wedding in Portofino

The century-old traditions and rites make a Scottish wedding in Portofino a unique experience! It's like a corner of the Highlands is transplanted in our corner of paradise every time there's a Scottish Wedding in Portofino.

LGBTQ Wedding

Love is love: love knows no race, religion, gender, or skin colour.
Love is simply love.