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We'll take care of everything

That's right...

You just can't do without a professional wedding planner for your event in Portofino - and your destination wedding as well!

Loveinportofino has got you covered there. Our extensive experience leads to stress-free events and wedding days in Portofino: you can trust Loveinportofino to make the most beautiful day of your life as perfect as it can be, down to the tiniest detail.

Our modus operandi in organizing wedding days in Portofino is unique in its flexibility to adapt to the newlyweds' wishes and needs.

We usually proceed step by step, so that no critical detail is overlooked.

Getting to know the couple is the first such step: by understanding their dream and knowing their wishes, we can make it all come true on the day of their wedding in Liguria.

Thanks to our "vocation" - the innate ability to empathize with the couple, -  we often understand what details they really want for their Wedding Day in Portofino before they even realize it themselves; a great deal of experience in organizing wedding days in Portofino is also critical (nobody starts off at the top of the ladder, so to speak); and last but not least, we wouldn't go anywhere without the many professional figures that lend us their expertise and specific skillsets.

These are the ingredients to cover all bases when organizing a perfect wedding day in Portofino, especially those aspects the couple could never think of themselves!

We handle everything from the engagement to the post-wedding phase, creating a beautiful partnership with the newlyweds!

In a nutshell, what can we do for you? We can pick the perfect wedding venue in Liguria (from Portofino to Santa Margherita Ligure, and again Cinque Terre, Rapallo, Sestri Levante etc...); we take care of the Save the Date, the wedding website, and the wedding invitations. We'll be there to help the bride and groom both picking their dress, as well as the bridesmaids' and the best men's; we'll set up a transfer system to get the guests to the wedding and take care of decorating the venue (from the music to the flower arrangements to the lighting), as well as the reception.  Everything will naturally be in line with the newlyweds' wishes.

Moreover, we'll be there to help you parse through the paperwork needed to set up a wedding day in Portofino, a notoriously laborious enterprise for people who don't know the specifics of the local bureaucracy.

Our vast local network is key to enhancing and making your wedding day in Portofino a special one. Intimate knowledge of the territory and its features, weather, and local excellencies always persuade the newlyweds that they've struck gold with Loveinportofino.

From informal events to traditional ceremonies, Loveinportofino can meet all your needs. We often set up romantic symbolical rites, and more and more we assist couples in setting up their Elopement in Portofino (complete with a "Best-Man/Bridesmaids For Hire" service!).

Very little is as moving as setting up a christening ceremony for families who picked us for their wedding before or meeting again with married couples that come back on holiday and stop by to say hello.

Plan it all! The key is to get to know the bridal couple and their needs, then anticipate their wishes while setting up their wedding day in Portofino, and make their most beautiful day fit into their budget.

Creating the perfect scenic design is a crucial step in setting up any wedding day in Portofino. Our team will lend its expertise in any aspect  of designing the event to create something truly unique...

You'll receive all the relevant information on the legal procedures to have a proper civil union in Portofino (the procedure is still fairly complicated and varies depending on the couple's citizenship) and, with the necessary adaptations, a valid religious one.

We'll be your Guardian Angels throughout your wedding day in Portofino, helping you with every choice: venue, dress, flowers, wedding website and menu, flower arrangements, guest transfers, picture book, and so much more!

On your wedding day in portofino, we'll be the first to get there for the make-up and hairstyle session and the last to leave. Someone from our staff will also be at every booked location before the scheduled event, so as to oversee the preparations and make it all go smoothly!