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A tradition stolen from the Italians

One of the happiest moment of a couple is the day in which the groom ask to his bride, if she wants to spend their life together, maybe sealing the proposal with an engagement ring. Sometimes, the ring is given during the engagement party. According to the tradition, the colour of the bride’s dress is white, and the groom has to do the proposal kneeling, because this is a kind of gesture which conveys respect. Every woman wishes a proposal on the knees, like in romantic movies.

Wedding in Portofino during Covid

“It doesn’t matter how today was, the best thing about life is that tomorrow always comes, and dreams have no expiration date.” In these stormy and uncertain months, we found ourselves saying these words by Antonio Curnetta often when our couples asked us how to get married in Portofino at the time of the Coronavirus.

Laura & Garth's Engagement in Portofino

New week, new love story fulfilled by Loveinportofino’s wedding planners! After reliving Meg and Todd’s elopement last week, today we’re going to tell you about Laura and Garth’s engagement in Portofino. This lovely couple from the USA has been incredibly fond of both opera and Portofino their entire lives, two passions that found a common denominator in the classic song “I Found my Love in Portofino”, by Buscaglione.

Meg & Todd's Elopement in Portofino

We know that the idea of your elopement in Portofino, thrilling as it may be, can also appear as a daunting prospect. Even more so if, like Meg and Todd, you live on the other side of the world from here. To dispel these very fears and leave you free to imagine and live your dream elopement in Portofino, today we’ll begin to tell you the story of Meg and her Todd’s very own eloping in Portofino.

Yes, I do!

Marriage is a dream that begins during childhood: we imagine a day that by all means will be unforgettable, sensational, and awesome. Luckily, this is the digital age where all wishes can be fulfilled: from the season to the venue, you can pick it all.

Not Only Wedding & Events

When you love a place so strongly - and I challenge anyone not to love Liguria, where the land and the sea merge into one another - it's only natural to give all of yourself to promote your home and the local excellencies. The people who are our future deserve dreams to pursue, after all.

Wedding & Erba Persa

Saturday 20th April 2019, at 4.00 pm.
Showcase of wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses with bouquet, hairstyles and flower accessories.
Villa Durazzo - Santa Margherita Ligure