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A tradition stolen from the Italians

One of the happiest moment of a couple is the day in which the groom ask to his bride, if she wants to spend their life together, maybe sealing the proposal with an engagement ring. Sometimes, the ring is given during the engagement party. According to the tradition, the colour of the bride’s dress is white, and the groom has to do the proposal kneeling, because this is a kind of gesture which conveys respect. Every woman wishes a proposal on the knees, like in romantic movies.

The custom, for the American couples, is that the proposal happens during the Christmas holidays (from the Thanksgiving onwards), for there to be the occasion in which they can do the announcement to their families,and plan the date of the wedding day.

There also many italian couples (and not only) that have copied this tradition.

The Italian couples can reach the highest level of romanticism choosing dream frames, for give the ring to their bride, like Portofino during the Christmas period. Like C.  And G.  Did. Watching the photos of our beautiful couple (that you will find below our story), you’ll be surprised,because in this case the woman did the proposal.

Recently, is the bride that do the proposal, playing with the “surprise effect”. However the wedding proposal is always exciting, because love is love, and this is the most precious treasure between two people… And Love in Portofino is ready to help you to realize this incredible dream.