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A Christmas Proposal

Her “Yes” can be as magical as the wedding day itself, and what could be more magical than a marriage proposal at Christmas? Plenty of spouses-to-be see their engagement crowned in the last days of December, receiving the ring in a classic Christmas setting of mistletoe, crackling fireplaces, and snow falling outside the window.

But the magic of Christmas isn’t certainly limited to proposals under the house tree. From glimpses of the winter sea to cozy Christmas villages, up to large festively decorated fir trees in squares and parks, Liguria at Christmas offers endless breathtaking locations to make the marriage proposal unforgettable. And what better way to find the perfect location and embellish it with that extra touch that makes the moment truly unique, than by reaching out to Loveinportofino’s specialists?

Picking a location is in fact only the first step. There are so many options for the Christmas-themed wedding proposal. Some are quite easy to set up alone or with friends: a poem or a letter is a classic leading up to the ring, even at Christmas, as is recruiting the helping paw of furry four-legged friends. For grander popular options, on the other hand, it is worth relying on the experienced touch of engagement professionals: are you planning to organize a Christmas treasure hunt, with the ring as a timeless reward? An escape room between garlands and Santa Clauses? Loveinportofino can help you create the most romantic Christmas wedding proposals.


Having chosen the moment, location and style for the Christmas proposal, the only piece missing is the symbol of commitment to seal your love: the ring. Choosing the right model and stone is crucial. If you don't have family rings or prefer something new, you can get an initial idea by browsing the spouse-to-be’s jewelry box and observing their everyday preferences - you certainly don't want it to be uncomfortable or impractical to wear!

The stone is as difficult a choice as it is crucial. To avoid risks you can rely on the words of Marilyn Monroe and go for diamonds! Here you can choose from a vast number of types of rings. Sticking to the classics, the spouse will be able to find under the tree:


  • a Solitaire ring with diamonds set in a gold or platinum band, symbolizing eternal love;

  • a Veretta, a white gold band with 5 diamonds;

  • a Riviera, aka a Veretta with a full circle of diamonds;

  • a Trilogy, a striking choice thanks to the 3 diamonds representing the love of yesterday, today and tomorrow.


Having said that, a more personal choice can only make the Christmas wedding proposal even more magical and romantic. Precious stones have their own language full of meanings and symbols, and a particular stone could be uniquely special, linked to moments lived together.

Christmas can easily be the background to a marriage proposal that will always remain in the hearts of lovers, but in order not to take risks and make this unique moment truly perfect, you can rely on the professional touch of Loveinportofino.