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About a perfect Wedding Stationery

Finally here We are! You choose to marry,the dreamer is coming true And you wish that everything will be perfect And special.

Everything seems simple,but thinking about your marriage,you will understand that for a fairytale wedding a particular attention to the details is required.

 In the past,the wedding stationery was less demanding. Weddings were celebrated with religious ceremony,in the morning ,in a church in a festive or prefestive day.

Who choose to marry during the afternoon dared an uncoventional choice.

The imprint was Classic,:print of the wedding invitations ,the menù for the restaurant,And compliment slips.

Nowadays,the wedding is changed ,the expectation was changed ,the possibilities to chiose the location ,the total fredoom of choice.

From the type of ceremony,religious ,civil or symbolic,(We have organized “We still do”like a fairytale,the day of celebration or the ongoing celebration for several days.

There aren’t unusual the organization of a party the night before or a goodbye’s brunch the day after.

A bigger conversation is about the choice of the weddings location:the place of stay is not the only possible choice ,everybody are looking for the particular location And Liguria ,especially the dream scenario of Portofino offers many dreamy locations appreciated by foreign tourists.

The stationery is full of important information for the success of the wedding :important information become necessary for example to reach the location,or the organziation of a transfer for the Guest ,reserved parking And so on …

The stationery must be designed with a careful eye to embrace the couple’s wishes. 

The personalization of the details,the choice of a particular style. We have to understand what the grooms wish for their wedding ,try to understand their preferences,the style of the compliment slips used also for the graphic elements from the book of the Mass to the menù for the restaurant.

The use of a language especially for the italian wedding destination,the choice of the colours,for the flowers,for the decorations,the use of premium paper for the prints of the wedding  are important elements that will give to the wedding the right expectation. The realization of a wedding stationery will be essential to make your wedding special And exclusive.