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San Valentino is coming…

Valentine’s day is getting closer;the most romantic day of the year ;the day that every valentine waits for celebrate love with his/her half.

The tradition wants that the lovers exchange between them a present to seal the love for each other.

No matter the age of the lovers ,children give themselves drawings full of hearts,and the adults? For the adults is more complicated:often is created the expectation of the present from their boy-friend /girlfriend.

 We decided to give you some advices,that should be evaluated according to your budget.

First of all the most famous present for Valentine’s day are the red roses (always in odd numbers)delivered by a flower delivery or by hand .How not to suggest the classic box of chocolates,or another sweet idea is a themed cake with dedication,realized by a cake designer.

You can also opt for a dinner by candlelight,in a restaurant with the seaview or due to this pandemic period ,a takeout dinner .

If your budget allows and you have enough time ,you can think about a romantic week -end on the snow ,in a famous city of art or why not also in an european capital.

An unmissable place are the thermal baths,or a spa in which you can spend your day in a total relax :you can experience one of the most romantic massage that is called”chocolate massage”,a real cuddle for your body and your soul .

If you are a real passionate man you can gift your girlfriend with a seductive lingerie or you can opt for a book of poems or a personalized poetry.

And if you want to “overdo”and make your Valentine’s day so special you can make your marriage proposal:a bouquet of red roses,a wedding proposal ring and this day will be one of the most meaningful day of your life.

Happy Valentine’s day to everybody!!!