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Wedding Proposal in Portofino

The quote from the Chinese philosopher " Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. " is perfect for me because I love planning weddings and the other various types of events that I am asked to do such as the Wedding Proposal. The excitement that the groom-to-be feels in describing to me how he imagines that time is really contagious. All the grooms to be and also the brides to be (lately there are also several young ladies who decide to play ahead and surprise, leaving their sweethearts speechless) are anxious and recommend themselves, of course, that their marriage proposal has to be original, unique and very romantic without thinking that Portofino as a setting is already synonymous with romance. More and more lovers decide to formulate their proposal in this corner of Paradise and in fact also for the Engagement we can talk about Italy Engagement Destination.

Numerous foreigners opted to combine this special moment with a trip to Italy with a multi-day stay just for the two of them or with friends/relatives but some also asked to arrange the proposal during their cruise in Europe with a stopover in Portofino, as Anthon chose for his Jenean this summer. One breathed magic that day, accomplice also the notes of the piece/song of the heart that our violinist played for them. The bride-to-be in front of the magnificent ring could not hold back the tears as well as their cheerful family. I am sure that in the futur their children looking at the photos and videos taken will feel the emotion they felt on that day.

But Portofino does not give dreams only in summer because the sea even in winter is very romantic and for this reason, we often turn wishes into reality even in this season. Winter in Portofino does not mean snow or cold and this makes the well-known resort, a charming village that you do not expect..... you will fall in love with this glamorous village whether it is 50 shades of grey day or a day full of the colours of the sun that can give you a breath-taking sunset.

It then seems to experience a spell during the Christmas season. Portofino dresses up festively by lighting up with lights each year that are different in type and colour giving a truly unique setting to those who choose this stage to give the token of love that every girl dreams of as the symbol of the promise of marriage i.e. the engagement ring.

That is why every year engaged couples ask us to organize their proposal in Portofino and we are very happy to please them..... Long live love!