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Not Only Wedding & Events

When you love a place so strongly - and I challenge anyone not to love Liguria, where the land and the sea merge into one another - it's only natural to give all of yourself to promote your home and the local excellencies. The people who are our future deserve dreams to pursue, after all. 

In the past few years, we set up press tours for the Italian and international press
With our first press tour, we tried to something new: unlike your usual press tour, we dragged fashion bloggers, food journalists, travel journalists, news section journalist and journalists working for Gay magazines into the world of a wedding planner. 

By putting in so much effort and giving it all we'd got, but left them all speechless!

A few other examples of our recent promotional activities? 

We set up a beauty treatment session complete with hairstyling and a make-up session to give the press a taste of what the bride would feel when preparing on the morning of her perfect day with her friends and relatives. 

We then entertained them with cooking shows of local foods; then there was an enchanting cocktail evening at Cervara and to crown it all, a gala night at a local historical venue, which they reached by private boat. 

In short, we made them experience first-hand what it means to be the protagonist of a wedding day or an event by Loveinportofino.

To set up such events we availed ourselves of the active collaboration of local institutions, as well as excellences both local  (Niasca Portofino, to mention one) and national (such as Carlo Pignatelli). 

Of course, there were also runway shows and photo shootings in some of the most romantic locations in the area

Going back to the wedding industry, it was a great honour to set up an important event with Zankyou. There too, we availed ourselves of top local brands (like the Genevese Romanengo confetti) as well as national ones (Antonio Riva). 

As I mentioned at the beginning, we also managed to gift a dream to the young generation that's got to keep on dreaming to build our future: we set up a charming debutantes' ball with the majestic Villa Durazzo as backdrop. The princesses first had to attend a few dancing classes; then, clad in white, they waltzed with the cadets of Genova's Merchant Navy Academy.