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Yes, I do!

Marriage is a dream that begins during childhood: we imagine a day that by all means will be unforgettable, sensational, and awesome. Luckily, this is the digital age where all wishes can be fulfilled: from the season to the venue, you can pick it all.

Many couples dream of marrying on the beach: a romantic, informal setting for an engaging day of partying on the beach. However, to make your dream come true just like you want it, there are plenty of things to account for. Simona Spinola of Zankyou, the leading online platform of the wedding industry, turns the most romantic day of your life into reality and takes care of every detail on every step of the set-up process. 

Beach wedding venues

The foreshore is one of the most sought-after wedding venues. Those who elect to tie the knot on the hottest days of the year do so on an exceptional backdrop: the sea itself. 

The regulations for picking a beach venue vary in each municipality in Liguria. At the moment, only a few can be authorized: Sestri Levante, Loano, Alassio, Albisola Superiore, and Pietra Ligure. In these municipalities, you can celebrate your civil union on the seashore. Dozens of couple every year end up choosing these evocative sights and gorgeous architectures to tie the knot.

With other venues, you must ask for information directly to the municipality; otherwise, there's always the option of a party on the shore set up in local clubs and beach resorts. You may also hire a private home that gives onto the beach. 

The romantic Liguria.

From the West to the East (Ponente to Levante), Liguria has plenty of romantic venues that will inspire you for your wedding day.

Just a few examples? The Saracen Tower on the cliff-side of Zoagli, a place to get married while the waves break on the cliffs and the crystalline blue waters shine in the background; another option is a wedding day in Cinque Terre, where the scent of dried salt mixes with the vineyards' and the light plays on the crystalline waters and on the colorful houses right on the cliff-side.

What about an exclusive and splendid wedding in Portofino, inside Castle Brown or on its terraces, or perhaps in St. George's Church, caught between the land and the sea? What better location for a glamorous wedding than the city of flowers, where the sweetest emotions can blossom? 

The elegant Liberty villas in Sanremo are ideal venues for dream weddings. In Savona, you may get married inside the monumental Fortezza del Priamar. And last but not least, the municipality of Genova has several unique venues for your civil union: historical buildings, parks, and even the football stadium!

The Wedding Planner in Portofino.

We're sure that right now it's much easier for you to imagine how to craft you unique, romantic, memorable wedding. We've one last gift for you and your wedding in the place where the sea and the land become one, however.

Virginia Straneo, LoveinPortofino's Wedding & Event Planner, has a few tips for setting up a lovely wedding by the sea: 

"When it comes to the perfect wedding party on the beach, you must have a Plan B should the weather take a turn for the worse. Should our newlyweds pick a beach that hasn't the municipality's authorization for a civil union, they may opt for a symbolic rite, which allows for much more creativity in its set-up without the formalities of a civil ceremony. There aren't many sandy beaches in Liguria, but that's not necessarily a bad thing: there are cliffs and terraces jutting out onto the sea, indeed much more accessible. A last bit of advice: you should have your marriage on the beach either very early in the morning or at sunset... #lamialiguria from Ventimiglia in the West, through Portofino (where I live and work), to the Cinque Terre in the East, is a collection of lovely sights and gems carved into the coastline, a perfect frame inside which your biggest dream may come true. In my years as a wedding planner my agency has partnered up with prestigious local hotels, like the Excelsior Palace Hotel in Rapallo, the Eight Hotel in Paraggi, and Hotel Continental in Santa Margherita Ligure."

The words of the day are romanticism, colours, sea, beach, and excellent local products: Liguria has plenty of all!

Article by Simona Spinola for, the leading online platform of the wedding industry in Italy and 23 countries in the world; and by Virginia Straneo, wedding planner for LoveinPortofino.