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Meg & Todd's Elopement in Portofino

Saying that fateful “Yes” away from home, surrounded by the verdant and splendid sights of Portofino, is something that can hardly be described with words. An experience you must live through yourself. Even for us, after years of assisting many a happy couple, it’s hard to find the right words for the task.

What we know, however, is that the idea of your elopement in Portofino, thrilling as it may be, can also appear as a daunting prospect. Even more so if, like Meg and Todd, you live on the other side of the world from here.

To dispel these very fears and leave you free to imagine and live your dream elopement in Portofino, today we’ll begin to tell you the story of Meg and her Todd’s very own eloping in Portofino.

Once they’d decided to elope in Portofino to celebrate their love, Meg and Todd got in touch with us back in January 2019. Their plan was to exchange rings as early as May of that same year. A scant five months may well appear as a dauntingly short time to set up a ceremony in Portofino, yet this is exactly where a wedding planner steps in to make a real difference.

In the following months, we stayed in touch with Meg and Todd by mail and whatsapp chat only, with a single phone call between us. Yep, you got that right: we met the couple in person only a few days before the ceremony, upon their arrival in Italy – their first time here! And yet, we still managed to set up a lovely elopement in Portofino, and so much more!

You see, Meg wished to share her happiest day with her family! This isn’t usually the case on an elopement – as you can read here, this is usually a private ceremony, to the point that more often than not, the couple asks us to find them the witnesses! Nonetheless, it was our pleasure to put up both the couple and their family for a lovely stay at the Continental Hotel in Santa Margherita Ligure.

While Meg and Todd were still at home in the States, we took care of the infamous red tape required of a couple like them to celebrate their elopement in Portofino coming from abroad. Then, once they’d arrived, they had all the time in the days before the ceremony to enjoy the breathtaking sights of our coasts and sea while they toured the various venues and locations they’d picked from the selection we’d presented to them.

Meanwhile, we were putting the finishing touches to their perfect elopement in Portofino: from the dry-cleaner’s for rumpled clothes to the wedding cake; from the reception venue to the Ape three-wheeler van on which they crossed Portofino’s famous town square to the antique Ligurian skiff. Once on board, then, Meg and Todd sailed across the bay, while a drone recorded the whole journey for them to keep.

The list doesn’t end here: we picked the photographer and video maker, designed the flower arrangement at the venue and managed the transportation for all guests. And then we prepared a surprise for the newly-weds, one signed by Loveinportofino… but that’s a story for another day.

The pictures alone show how radiant both Meg and Todd were. Even with the ocean standing between them and their elopement in Portofino, with our help they had zero trouble nor any worries setting up their dream wedding.

By choosing and relying on Loveinportofino, Meg and Todd enlisted the professional help of a navigated team to take care of every aspect of their elopement in Portofino, down to the last detail and without leaving anything to chance.

Meg & Todd’s elopement in Portofino was so enchanting that Whitesposa Magazine recently mentioned it, as you can see here.

Meg and Todd’s story will continue another day, but if you too have always dreamed of an unforgettable elopement in Portofino, the time for waiting is over! With Loveinportofino, your worries and anxieties will be a thing of the past: all you’ll have to do is get ready to enjoy your happiest day. We’ll take care of the rest!