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Wedding in Portofino during Covid

It doesn’t matter how today was, the best thing about life is that tomorrow always comes, and dreams have no expiration date.”

In these stormy and uncertain months, we found ourselves saying these words by Antonio Curnetta often when our couples asked us how to get married in Portofino at the time of the Coronavirus.

Many discouraged and doubtful couples, who had entrusted themselves to us, have in fact called us to postpone their wedding ceremony in Portofino and in our other fairytale wedding locations.

And how not to understand them... Many promised couples had no choice, given that their planned wedding in Portofino would have happened during the lockdown period; others preferred not to risk having to postpone their ceremony at the last moment due to extensions of the bans or setbacks from the virus; yet more elected to put their dream wedding on hold until they were be able to share their most beautiful day with family and friends.

In the spirit of Curnetta's words, we are committed to heartening and helping all these couples, without allowing despair to undermine the prospect of having their special wedding day in Portofino. At Loveinportofino, we never shrink from a challenge; this time, too, our efforts have led to pleasant surprises for our spouses who still wish to get marrie in Portofino despite Covid-19.

So how to repackage a wedding in Portofino in Covid times? As you may well know, the waiting list for many of the most popular locations and venues can be very long, and things can be even more tricky for married couples who have a precise date saved in their hearts. Given that many weddings are scheduled well in advance, many of the most popular dates in the coming spring and summer are already long booked.

Our solution? Opt for a weekly or pre-holiday day, and enjoy many advantages! In addition to having a greater availability of dates (even in the traditionally most requested periods), fixing your wedding during the week comes at significantly reduced rates, and you may reinvest this significant saving on the budget into an even more fabulous reception venue, or maybe in a welcome or goodbye party for your guests!

Other couples of ours have instead opted to accept our proposal for a "change of look" for their wedding day in Covid times. Given the many complications that come these days with organizing a classic wedding with so many guests, some spouses have picked a wedding-elopement formula - an intimate, romantic private ceremony, sometimes with only spouses and witnesses present, and therefore without any problems of space or social distancing!. In this case, the big party is instead postponed to the coming year and combined with the rather fashionable renewal of vows: saying "We Still Do" always amazes the guests so much!

This combination is particularly appreciated for the chance to celebrate your wedding day twice, in a way. During the elopment, you’ll also have the opportunity to meet some professionals involved in both ceremonies, such as the photographer, the hair stylist and others! This way, the spouses create a special bond that shall make their wedding all that more special.

By giving our spouses a new project to look forward to and a simple yet effective action plan for their dream - with the deadline only postponed! - we have swept away the sadness and the many doubts related to SOS Coronavirus. Thus, the brides and grooms that entrusted Loveinportofino’s wedding planners have found their smile anew.