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Laura & Garth's Engagement in Portofino

Laura & Garth’s Engagement in Portofino

New week, new love story fulfilled by Loveinportofino’s wedding planners! After reliving Meg and Todd’s elopement last week – which you can find here – today we’re going to tell you about Laura and Garth’s engagement in Portofino.

This lovely couple from the USA has been incredibly fond of both opera and Portofino their entire lives, two passions that found a common denominator in the classic song “I Found my Love in Portofino”, by Buscaglione. It’s also thanks to this very song and what it embodies for them that Laura and Garth met us. The couple reached out to us after noticing our shared fondness for Buscaglione’s timeless classic – recently reinterpreted by Andrea Boccelli himself.

At first, it must be said, Laura and Garth at first only wanted our help to set up their wedding ceremony and reception against Portofino’s luxuriant backdrop. After learning that we could also set up an enchanting engagement in Portofino for them, Laura and Garth didn’t dare to let this chance slip by them. You see, the two of them had already exchanged rings and vows on their side of the Atlantic; yet despite that, they couldn’t resist a repeat engagement in Portofino, where they would later get married too.

Laura and Garth’s engagement in Portofino was a rather heartfelt occasion, for the couple themselves as well as for us. The romantic cherry on top was when Garth, on the backdrop of Portofino’s iconic pier, gifted the solitaire to his Laura. Later on, the couple picked from the pictures taken during this cerimony those to use both on their Save the Date and on their wedding websiteboth services we took care of with the assistance of our collaborators, who work side by side with us in setting up the perfect ceremony for you.

This engagement in Portofino was also a critical occasion to get to know the couple and establish a precious bond with them, which made the wedding later on all the more galvanizing. Every ceremony is crystallized in our memories, and often enough our wedding couples pay us a visit on their following holidays – and sometimes, to renew their vows!

Laura and Garth’s engagement in Portofino was also a great general rehearsal for their wedding. They had the chance to meet the photographer who took their pictures on both occasions, as well as the make-up artist and the hairstylist who pampered them on their happiest days. They also tried a large variety of confetti and picked the ones they liked best for their wedding in Portofino. It goes without saying that, on their engagement in Portofino, the confetti were white and green, as tradition dictates!

Their engagement in Portofino wrapped up with a private toast at the tastefully elegant Winterose of Portofino, a location we are always proud to suggest to our couple due to their well-stocked wine selection, the owner’s welcoming attitude, and how you can literally dip your feet in the bay’s water – as you can see from the pictures!

If you wish to have an unforgettable engagement in Portofino like Laura and Garth’s as the first step to fulfil your love, reach out to us by e-mail! With the help and assistance of our wedding planners – the only ones with great experience to be born & bred in Portofino – you too will get your own memorable engagement in Portofino without having to deal with any stress or anxiety.

All you’ll have to care about will be living a peerless experience with the person you love most: we’ll take care of the rest!


Pictures by Photo27